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Scott is a featured performer
at Playland Not At The Beach in El Cerrito, CA
"Scott can make your event one to remember for a long time!"
Scott offers a wide selection of Magic and customized performances to meet the need of your party, corporate event and/or fund raiser. From the moment you contact him, he work with you to design a show that will leave your guests mystified and entertained. Select from one of his highly rated packages below or let’s him create a customized show to fit your exact needs. He is fast, flexible and magical. See his standard package offerings below.
Scott's Children's Show is a fun filled magic extravaganza. Everyone gets to help with the magic, and the birthday child will be made the star attraction. At the conclusion of the show, Scott blows up those long, skinny balloons and twists them into one of his many creations the child can take home. The birthday child gets a large multi-balloon creation. This show is custom tailored for your special event. This is family friendly fun at its best!

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Ok, so, if you would not take a parent's word, then see what the kids think!
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OMG! That was awesome! I LUUUV professional slight of hand. Truly miraculous, and such a friendly and smooth presentation.... You befriend your audience immediately and take us on a little party. Scott's world! A place of gentle and astounding miracles. It Is magic! Things appear from thin air! And change right before our eyes, and disappear again! And no CG! No special computer effects! No mirrors. Just a Real Professional Magician! In 3D and HD! Like taking a Sunday stroll through an Amazing Garden with your best friend . There were so many very cool moments... It was several beautiful illusions you gave to us in those few gentle moments ! Scott you are a master. Really, a gift, Scott! Thank you for sharing this gift! Da Da Duuuuum! -Spencer T. (parent)