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Add some FUN and MISTIQUE to your next event!
Have a Tarot Party!
People have always been interested in what the future will hold for them. 
In the late 1800's Tarot card readers were very popular doing readings for patrons.  

Scott is an accomplished Tarot reader. 

He will give each guest a seven minute reading, based on a three card spread.
Tarot readings are based on arrangements of cards drawn from a shuffled deck of special Tarot Cards. 
The layout of the cards, known as a spread, determines what each card refers to in the future.
With this style spread, Scott can tell you many insights and help facilitate understanding of situations.
The belief of prophecy associated with Tarot focuses on the prospect that whatever cards are dealt to a participant will reveal his or her psychological dilemma.
A three card spread can provide indicators of a variety of circumstances. 
Here are a few of the possible three card spreads:
Past / Present / Future 
Current situation / Obstacle / Advice
Where you stand now / What you aspire towards / How to get there
You / The other person / The relationship
Mind / Body / Spirit
You / Your current path / Your potential
Strengths / Weaknesses / Advice
The solution / An alternative solution / How to choose
With one of these paths, and a key word only you know,
Scott will give you insights into your current and future circumstances and decision making.

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Please note: Scott's readings are meant for entertainment purposes only.

Scott Alcalay  is available for event bookings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
Make your next occasion magical with the Bay Area’s most entertaining and imaginative magician.